Brand building is a broad conversation with your chosen market to create or increase the awareness of your brand. Key elements are great messaging and creative execution plus repetition to reinforce this with the consumer. It is an important part of the marketing mix as it is the visual voice of the company and is often the first exposure a new customer has to your business. Typical Brand Building channels include TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper Advertising, Outdoor Signs and Billboards and Pay Per click advertising online on websites and social media. It’s the same message to everyone.

What is often neglected in Brand Building is context. The key to successful brand building is to get your message in front of more people you want to see it and less of people you don’t. This saves you time and money and increases the effectiveness of your campaign.

At GrayMatter we look at things a little differently. We have Brand Building ideas and technologies that you may not have thought of, that are proven to work well and suit virtually any budget.


So how do you win new customers? The first thing to realise is there is no “magic bullet” to solve this challenge. You just need to do a better job than your main competitors to succeed. Many businesses are simply not clear on who they are targeting, what exactly they are selling and how this makes them stand out from the crowd. Putting your message in the right context is critical – we must engage the customer using their preferred communication method i.e. sms, email, social media and importantly – when they want to communicate.

GrayMatter can help define these key elements for you and then offer a range of simple, proven and measurable ideas and technologies designed to deliver results. The good news is we don’t stop there. We will design and deliver your preferred options for you and then measure and report on their success!


Now you have done all the hard work attracting a new customer – how do you convince them to buy your product or service or sign the deal? What’s critical is a compelling reason to act. Your offer must be engaging and very attractive but not offensive or pushy for a customer to go to the trouble of acting immediately. And if they don’t act immediately – you have probably lost the opportunity.

The most valuable customers are the ones that keep coming back and GrayMatter has a range of powerful ways to keep your customer engaged and hungry for your product or service.